Look what the sea brought us! 3 of the best swimwear brands from Portugal

The Sea Collective is constantly striving to build a community that connects conscientious people and conscious brands. That is why our family continues to grow and, in today's post, we officially welcome three transformative Portuguese swimwear brands. 


The proposal that Kekaaii introduces to the 2020 swimwear market focuses on recycling. Although the eco-friendly manufacture of swimsuits is a trend that has emerged in recent years, what makes Kekaaii special is that its commitment to the well-being of the ocean comes from a very personal place. 

The creative couple behind these bikinis from Portugal, is Inês Carvalho and Diogo Marreiros, both intimately connected with the sea. Their hometown is in Lagos, whose life takes place next to the beach. The picturesque city seems to feed on the energy of water and the sun, and both founders have been able to recreate this special connection in the aesthetics of their designs. 

kekaaii swimwear

Quality is one of Kekaaii's priorities and what better material than one that holds the wisdom of a second life? Kekaaii swimwear is determined to advocate for sustainability, so the fabrics of Italian origin that they use are made from plastic waste found in the sea and the swimsuits are made by hand.

Although Kekaaii has only recently started to make its way, being released only in April, it has a solid collection of clean and engaging models. These bikinis from Portugal are visually characterized by a structural harmony that is rarely fully appreciated in a garment. This is because Inês Carvalho, the creative force that ignites the spark of the brand, has a background in architecture, which allows her to assemble pieces with compact lines, symmetrical openings and capable of conforming to the curves of the structure of the female body gracefully.

Its colours seem to be inspired by the beauty of the city of Lagos from a panoramic view. Her collection features white high-waisted and low-waisted bikinis, as well as other solid colour pieces with a single strap or with playful openings that highlight the neckline area. It also has very delicate prints, mostly as additions that add a point of versatility to solid colours. This collection only has two swimsuits, but their daring design makes them exquisite to look at.

Caia Beachwear

In an era of extreme consumerism, where everything you buy expires in just a few weeks, Caia Beachwear is here to stay. Fast fashion is not part of the philosophy of the brand, which presents an original and well-executed line of Portuguese swimwear that breaks schemes.

Its soul is the soul of Inês Fortunato, and its DNA is completely Portuguese. On the beaches of Lisbon, Caia was created, until its birth in 2012, as a brand of exclusive accessories such as bags, pillows and special backpacks to preserve food during the summer. In 2018, the second part, Beachwear, was added by including models of bikinis and swimsuits in the brand.

This brand of swimsuits from Portugal is governed by the maxim of "less is more", literally: bikinis and swimsuits are reversible and have no visible seams, giving pleasure to women who enjoy maximizing their investment, showing off its practicality without sacrificing its sophistication.

caia beachwear

Caia Beachwear bikini designs usually come in three styles that flatter different body types and fit different preferences. The tops have three types of necklines, both on the chest and on the back, and are adjustable. As for the bikini briefs, they come in three types of cuts. The Caia Beachwear swimsuits, similarly, usually come in three models that vary in the neckline of the chest and the back.

Colours are one of its strengths. On the one hand, it has lively and very tropical prints but, on the other, it presents compact colours. Which one to use? It depends on you. Choosing is, possibly, one of the great pleasures that we can allow ourselves in our day to day, and this brand does not disappoint. If you're feeling stubborn and carefree, wear the swimsuit on the colourful side; If you want to be soberer and highlight your beauty with a more classic piece, choose the solid colour side. And if you want to experiment with your options, combine top and panties with different designs.


The world of fashion is changing at all levels thanks to designers like Rute Ribeiro Martins, who are willing to infuse their creations with something more than absolute beauty: they also strive to give a leading role to their values. 

This Portuguese swimwear brand came to the world in 2015, with a cosmopolitan style, courtesy of the two trends that inspire the designer: Chicago and, of course, Portugal. From beautiful black swimsuits to bikinis in striking colours that you can combine according to your preference, variety is one of the characteristics of the Tuhkana aesthetic. There are models for different body types and personalities, with necklines at the sides or tops without strips.

The conception of Tuhkana was formed around the purpose of contributing to the sustainability of the planet through clothing, demonstrating that it is possible to create an enterprise that achieves success without endangering the planet. Thus, each of its collections is made up of ecological swimsuits and bikinis.

Rute's vision materialized in the face of the recognition of a problem in her career: the fashion industry is the cause of a large part of the pollution worldwide, whether due to the use of chemicals to treat fabrics, the transport of ready-made pieces, employment systems that perpetuate poverty, and more.

Proposing a change is difficult when a way of doing things is normalized, even if there are better ones. Rute was undaunted and created Tuhkana, introducing an eco-friendly option that does not sacrifice style or quality. The material that makes up these bikinis and swimsuits from Portugal is completely biodegradable, reducing waste to a minimum.

Tuhkana bikini

The magic of this resilient and resilient biodegradable fibre material is that it can be recycled or degraded in 2 to 5 years. Although it is only located in Brazil, Tuhkana decided to make a decision consistent with its commitment to the planet: instead of importing fibres, they focused their manufacturing operations on where the raw material is produced and, thus, collaborate with the local economy and with reducing the carbon footprint.

Additionally, the brand produces parts in small quantities, consuming fewer resources, and uses only water and recycled materials in all the production stages that it can. In such a way, it generates unique models that go from wrapping the curves of Mother Earth to embracing the curves of hundreds of women who yearn for a greener world.

We welcome these 3 new swimwear brands from Portugal with great joy. More than an online bikini store, The Sea Collective is a community where you can find inspiration to enjoy a more ecological, inclusive and free life without abandoning the style, quality and functionality that each person deserves.

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