3 Portuguese swimsuit brands that make the world a better place

Do you want to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us without neglecting your social responsibility? The Sea Collective groups swimwear brands that seek to raise awareness in society. It is our commitment to life, that is why we present 3 new Portuguese swimwear brands that joined our community. 

Pele & Sal

It is a Portuguese brand of swimsuits that embodies the charm of feminine beauty in all its shapes and sizes. Your body is free and Pele & Sal is in charge of dressing your borders without restricting them with minimalist swimsuits where the star figure is you and your femininity.

Among its models, you can find knitted bikinis with a deep or rectangular neckline, and adjustable straps that offer good support to women with a generous bust. Pele & Sal also exposes full swimsuits or striped bikinis that visually shape the angles of your body and stylize them. Colors are subtle, with colored dots or streak patterns, and some vibrant solid shades.

Pele & Sal's philosophy focuses on the acceptance of their own being, encouraging women to let the water cleanse their hearts of the prejudices that prevent them from loving their body as it is.  

pele e sal

Voke Swimwear

This Portuguese swimsuit brand grew out of the fruitful friendship of two women who, with different tastes but with the same mission of enhancing the sensual feminine energy, created original and eco-friendly swimsuits.

The beautiful does not separate from the ecological with Voke Swimwear: they are two streams that dance fluidly and converge in unique outfits, ideal for women of indomitable will. The swimsuits are made of Econyl, recycled Nylon that not only extols the soft or pronounced waves of your figure but also benefits Mother Earth.

You can find endless interesting pieces in Voke Swimwear. If you love sparkling colors, this brand has full swimsuits in cobalt or fuchsia, with exceptional details such as openings on the sides or wooden buttons. A trend that is here to stay are high leg swimsuits, which give kilometers of elongation to your legs and torso.

voke swimwear

Egalité Swimwear

A battle cry takes shape in each finely made seam, in each consciously chosen material, in each precisely made cut: Egalité is the Portuguese swimsuit brand that reinforces the voice of endangered animal species. 

All of their models are named after these species, which could soon become nothing more than a forgotten echo in history. Egalité strives not to let us forget that those lives matter. Fashion becomes an instrument to achieve social change.

The sincerity of Egalité's environmental intentions is accompanied by a privileged sense of aesthetics. Their swimsuits have a certain wild charm. Synchronize with your inner beast by wearing one of these inspiring earthy swimsuits with a deep neckline or one of the most daring high leg you can find.

egalite swimwear
Whether you go to the beach or to the pool, to a yacht, or to sunbathe with friends, your swimsuit reflects what matters to you. Are you a Body Positive activist? Do you want a greener world? Are you an animalist? The Sea Collective is an online store for swimwear from brands that are in tune with your values. Visit us and find the garment that speaks to your soul.

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