5 black swimsuits to rock your summer

The black colour is one of the most attractive for summer. Its elegance and versatility make it an ally for women who enjoy simplicity without neglecting glamour. On this occasion, The Sea Collective offers you 5 options of black swimsuits that continue to set trends and emphasize the particular sensuality of each woman.

Gecko Swimwear Black Swimsuit

If you thought that full swimsuits couldn't be as sexy as bikinis, Gecko Swimwear presents this model to you. Enhance the most daring side of your personality with a swimsuit like no other. This presentation innovates the classic cut of the swimsuit as the asymmetric neckline in the upper part of the abdomen provides boldness and depth. The crossed straps on the back offer comfort and security, stylizing the silhouette and maintaining the shape of the garment. 

Oioba Black Swimsuit

Ambivert are people who consider themselves both extroverts and introverts… and this black swimsuit from Oioba is just that. The front part maintains an almost shy air, reserving details such as the neckline. However, the detail on the back shows a beautiful and bold neckline that highlights the thighs and the curvature of the spine. If your problem area is the abdomen, you can highlight your favorite attributes by wearing this comfortable swimsuit.

If you want to show a little more of your figure, Tuhkana has for you a black bikini with crisscross ties. It is a simple but striking option, whose appeal lies in the side details that create a beautiful design against the skin. It has a sporty touch that brings freshness to the general look, it is the ideal bikini to go swimming without fear of the waves.

Tuhkana Black Bikini

Minimalist women will appreciate this strapless bikini from Tuhkana. It is in the lack of details that lies the beauty of this two-piece suit, where simplicity is an attribute that will highlight yours. The cut of the briefs reaches the hips, and the strapless top has a structure that forms and highlights the bust. The top is tied at the back, allowing the pressure to be adjusted so that the fit is just right. 

Tuhkana Black Bikini

Monochromatic bikinis are a trend, and it is worth adding a touch of colour that creates an incredible contrast. Black and white are opposite tones that, instead of creating discord, harmonize. Sensational from all sides, this Voke Swimwear swimsuit is classic, versatile and sensual. It has the best of two worlds: it evokes the glamour of the past without giving up the youthful essence of the present. The white band reaches almost to the waist, further pronouncing the high leg cut of the briefs. The top is simple and has a pronounced neckline that shows off the bust area.

Voke Swimwear Black Bikini

The colour black does not go out of style and it is a colour that makes many women feel confident. Dare to explore new shapes, such as high leg bikinis or one-piece swimsuits with novelty necklines, but don't limit yourself to monochromatic ones when there is much more to discover. At The Sea Collective online store, you can find innovative and eco-friendly swimsuits from Portuguese brands.

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