5 Spanish Swimwear brands that will inspire you

Not only are they stylish, original, and of high quality, but they also have something more to give you. You know you are not one dimensional, you are more than a pretty face and these brands are so much more than beautiful swimsuits. We give you the 5 swimsuit and bikini brands from Spain that will inspire you at a personal level.

Robin Collection

Robin Collection is a charming Spanish swimsuit brand that brings an impressive product assortment. Created by two siblings that decided to abandon their stable and monotonous career in a search for creativity and creation. Robin Collections offers a wide range of swimsuits with stunning prints, for young, beautiful, and natural souls.

You can find swimsuits for women with smaller busts and enhance your frame with a playful cleavage and straps that offer great comfort and support. More designs are on the way, promising freeness and fluidity which characterize the brand.

robin collection


Born in Barcelona, allSisters is an eco-friendly swimwear brand that emphasizes the union between the female entity and the planet, showing respect for both the female figure as well as Mother Earth.

Their models are not only original, but they also exude elegance. Its monochromatic style, along with their uniquely cut pieces, create one-piece swimsuits and bikinis that showcase elegance and a great sense of being. allSisters delivers from one-piece swimwear with an unexpected touch, to sport swimwear, and a dose of collective consciousness we are very grateful for.

all sisters

Como un pez en el agua

This is yet another Spanish swimwear brand with a strong motivation behind it, that blossomed from the creative force of two women that wanted to offer something distinctive, truly unique, and real. The pieces from Como un pez en el agua are handcrafted, with organic fibers as unexpected as poplin, cotton voilés and bambula to maximize comfort. Therefore, their pieces don’t follow trends, nor create them, they just are.

The 2020 swimsuit collection from Como un pez en el agua presents vibrant bikinis without straps and with fluid ruffles, as well as one-piece swimsuits with a splash of colour.

como un pez en el agua

Atenea Collection

Embrace your inner goddess, let go of prejudice and fear. Atenea Collection is the Spanish swimwear brand that will push you to take that uninhibited step to take control of your body. Its cheeky models, with sparking colours and unusual materials such as velvet, will showcase your physic.

Are you looking for a bikini for a big bust? You can take advantage of your curves with a cheeky cleavage and all the support needed to raise and sustain your chest.

atenea collection


Magalii Aravena

Magalii Aravena is a Spanish swimwear brand founded by the Argentinian model, made in Portugal with Italian fabric. It’s a fusion of different cultures and trends that makes this swimwear brand the perfect choice for women that don’t believe in borders.

The diversity of the models presented by the Spanish bikini and one-piece swimsuit brand is stunning. Based on the glamorous and versatile style of the model Magali Aravena, you’ll find glowing swimsuits of solid colours and bikinis with special finishes.

magalii aravena

What do you think about these 5 swimsuit brands from Spain? At The Sea Collective we love brands with substance, that have something to give back to women. If you want to buy swimwear online that perfectly embraces your female shape and your personality, visit us at

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