Cantê Lisboa, Latitid and Type: premium Portuguese swimsuits

Looking for swimsuits that are different from everything else? The Sea Collective presents you with three options that stand out for their incredible quality and outstanding designs. Cantê Lisboa, Latitid and Type. The collections of these premium Portuguese swimwear brands apply the best materials, great originality and a solid track record. Love yourself by giving yourself the best!

Cantê Lisboa

Born from the cooperative strength of two friends with kindred spirits and a vocation for creation, Mariana Delgado and Rita Soares. The original designs that emerge from the brand are inspired by the shared experiences of this duo. Their travels and love for the ocean led them to invent a premium Portuguese swimwear brand, whose charm has already conquered many beaches.

canté lisboa swimsuit

Youthful and fun, Cantê Lisboa dares to explore different colours, shapes and patterns. You’ll find one-piece swimsuits with unexpected details, such as a neckline that flatters the abdomen, and pastel shades that have beautiful touches of colour in the designs. The quality of the materials and the exquisite sewing of the pieces justify Cantê's price, but the brand usually has seasonal discounts that you can take advantage of.

canté lisboa white swimsuit

The fresh and simple spirit of Cantê Lisboa brings with it a fun air that matches your own personality. The small patterned patterns contrast beautifully with the white background, and the neckline at the bust that meets that of the stomach creates a visual impact that favours the roundness of the feminine forms.


Made for women who follow their heart where it leads, and live and appreciate life in their own way, Latitid is made up of the words "Attitude" and "Latitude." If travelling is one of the pillars of your life, you love to immerse yourself in new cultures and lead a guilt-free existence, this premium brand of Portuguese swimwear is for you.

latitid swimsuit

 The collections are inspired by different destinations and are the works of the founders: Inês and Marta Fonseca and Fernanda Santos. The materials come from Italy and the clothing is made in Portugal. 

latitid swimsuit

The quality of the textiles used and the hands that assemble each piece enhance the value of Latitid swimwear. More than just colourful one-piece swimsuits, the brand offers bikinis and summer outfits with bold designs and creative details.


Type defines itself as a brand that supports a woman's self-confidence and complements her attitude with pieces of unsurpassed quality. Through clean colours and well-defined cuts, Type's swimsuits and bikinis conform to curves. 

type swimwear

Made to suit you, the brand exploits the most flattering attributes of every woman: for example, the smile! When you feel good, you look good. Its collections show the acceptance of the female body in all its forms, and there are swimsuits and bikinis that highlight all types of figure.

type swimsuit

The importance of being comfortable in your own skin is vital, which is why these three brands strive to support every woman's journey to self-love. The Sea Collective embraces the initiative of women and gives them a space to explore their identity through expressions such as fashion.

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