Golden skin: how you take care of your skin in the summer

Stop right there! Before your skin receives the golden kisses of the sun, you must start your new skincare routine. The Sea Collective has 4 tips for you that will do your complexion good. Before putting on your swimsuit and taking a dip or tanning, protect your skin in the summer.

Drinking water

The first tip to take care of your skin in the summer will do much more than just allowing you to show off a smooth complexion, but it will do your body good from the inside, well-being that will be reflected outwards. Believe it or not, the relationship between being well hydrated and having beautiful skin is not entirely clear. There are no conclusive studies that determine that drinking water benefits the skin.

So why is hydration important? Because it helps release toxins, which favors those who tend to suffer from acne. Even if your water intake isn't entirely connected to your skin's appearance, The Sea Collective reminds you that staying hydrated is a year-round priority, but it is especially so in the summer!


Moisturizing cream

How to ensure that the skin, which contains up to 30% water, remains hydrated? Not by drinking more water than recommended, I'm sure. The water we drink goes immediately to replenish the reserves of all other vital organs first. In addition, the skin is made up of 3 layers, with the epidermis being visible. 

To hydrate the epidermis, you need to apply a water-based cream directly to it. If you have very sensitive skin and you tend to suffer from rashes, an emollient cream will not only hydrate your epidermis but it will calm rashes and itchiness as they have components such as sodium lactate and allantoin. The ideal time to apply the cream is after bathing, with the skin still wet.



Remember, little grasshopper, exfoliate, and then hydrate. Exfoliation is a necessary step to have beautiful and healthy skin because it helps to remove dead cells and make way for new ones. However, we must actively participate in this renewal process. 

Although this process is supposed to happen spontaneously every 28 days, changes in the environment and within us can alter it. Dry environment, depression, air conditioning, anxiety, and others could affect this process, so a weekly exfoliation routine is recommended. 

When to exfoliate? When you are showering, after the hot steam opens your pores. Choose an exfoliation product that is also hydrating, hypoallergenic, and non-greasy. Your skin will be ready to absorb the benefits of a water-based or emollient moisturizer, and you'll be ready to show off in a swimsuit.


Last but not least, you should use sunscreen to take care of your skin this summer. In reality, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are present 365 days a year, however, its intensity increases during the summer. A high spectrum blocker will protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Hey, and it's important to pay attention to how much you're going to pour! Apply a good amount of sunscreen to have a thick enough barrier. You should not only put it on the obvious parts, such as on the legs and arms but on the ears, on the neckline of the bikini, on the feet, and also on the elbows.

Enjoy summer with perfect skin, immune to dryness and scorching sun, and delight in the water wearing a swimsuit that frames your curves. If you're ready for the beach, the pool, or a yacht ride, find the swimsuit that will match the natural beauty of your complexion at The Sea Collective.

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