How to mix & match your bikinis so you never run out of options

Who said that there is only one way to do things? Parameters can be modified, exceeded, and broken. Your style is unstoppable, that's why this post is dedicated to boosting your creativity. The Sea Collective brings you some suggestions to combine your bikinis and have more options, more ways to express your identity.

The trick to mixing bikinis

The main tip that we can share with you to combine tops and briefs is to find balance. How? Well, there are several ways to achieve that perfect balance so that your two-piece swimsuit fits like yin and yang.

After the storm comes the calm

One of the pieces of your bikini should be of explosive color and, the other, a more serene tone. This is an excellent way to tone down the most prominent piece of your outfit and achieve beautiful combinations that will allow you to wear different models every time you go to the beach or the pool. 

voke swimwear

Voke Swimwear makes it easy for you and brings you a stylish and fresh mix of colors and styles, so versatile that you can pair both the strappy top and the briefs with any other bikini in your collection. The vibrant lilac shade of the top, with pleating that offers additional support, is neutralized, but not overshadowed, by the pristine white of the bottom, which has a hint of ocher around the edges.

Between stripes and flowers

It takes a bit more strategy, but it is possible to create a fantastic hybrid bikini by combining different prints. The fluid and organic shapes of the flowers contrast with the rigidity and geometry of the stripes, creating a very attractive visual counterpoint.

my gojji

My Gojji launches a bold proposal by fusing two opposites that, together, create a disruptive harmony. The tropical print adds a power up to the neutral colors, and the unique bikini design not only frames the waist but adds a touch of authenticity to your style.

Materials and Designs

Solid colors are much easier to mix; however, they can also be a bit boring if you don't decide to risk a bit with the designs. Bet on bikinis with exciting cuts, asymmetrical or with additions such as bows, sequins, or others. What's more, dare to combine two-piece suits made of entirely different materials. The clash of textures will be amazing.

egalite swimwear

The activist brand Egalité Swimwear created a bikini inspired by the Balearica Regulorum, an endangered crane. It carries the colors and the overwhelming elegance of this animal, making it a design with unique lines. Both the top and the briefs have wraparound shapes, and you can use them individually with pieces of a bikini made of velvet or crochet. The options are endless, just like nature.

You can rewrite fashion in your way, don't be afraid to break the established. The Sea Collective offers you dozens of models that you can adapt as you want. Our online swimsuit store connects you with the best swimsuit brands that embrace originality, quality, and social value. Join our community!

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