How to take care of your swimsuit: swimsuits that stand the test of time

They say that today nothing is made to last, but The Sea Collective wants to encourage you to preserve those garments that have generated so many good memories. Everything we continue to use is one less wasteful product in the world, that's why we bring you this guide to take care of your swimsuit and extend its life.


It is very common that, after enjoying a day in the pool or the sea, or even after sunbathing, cleaning your bathing suit is the last thing you think about. However, in order for your favorite swimsuit to keep its shape, color, and new look, you need to rinse it off after you wear it.

how to wash your swimsuit

If you have just returned home and are very tired, just put the suit in a bath full of water to get rid of the remains of chlorine or salt water until you can wash it properly.

Mild detergent 

Some detergents are stain-withering, however, they can be very abrasive for some garments. If you want to take care of your swimsuit or bikini and make sure it has a long and respectable life, use a mild detergent. What's more, using toilet soap can be a good solution to clean your swimsuit without damaging its fibers.

Zero washing machines

It is not a good idea to use the washing machine to clean your bikini or your entire swimsuit. If you've found the suit that fits all your curves perfectly and highlights your body’s angles without compressing them, using a washing machine will undo that magic. The swimsuits are made from different fabrics, but it is almost certain that they will all be stretched or damaged if you do not handwash the garment.

Natural drying

After washing your swimsuit, remember to resist the temptation to squeeze it with all your strength until the last drop of water is drained. This is another way to disfigure the beautiful silhouette of your swimsuit. Instead of using such a rough method, use a towel to wick moisture away from the fabric. Once you have done this, lay the swimsuit on a surface and wait for the fresh air to do its thing.

Hanging the garment is not recommended because the weight can stretch the material. If you have a bikini with a strappy top, the cups could deform and the straps could be longer. On the other hand, exposing the swimsuit to the sun after washing can cause it to lose its vibrant color.

A day of rest

Did you know that even your swimsuit needs a break? On average, 24 hours is more than enough for it to return to its original shape and fit better on your body than a glove. That is why, if it is summertime or you are on vacation in a beautiful sunny place, it is best to have at least two garments to put on.

how to take care of your swimsuit

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