Angles: the secret to a spectacular swimsuit photo

Have you ever felt completely beautiful in your swimsuit and wanted to immortalise that moment of absolute confidence in yourself with a photo ... but seeing yourself reflected in the image you have been very disappointed ? It's not you, your beauty is infinite, but not all angles are flattering to show your figure in a swimsuit. The Sea Collective has for you a step by step to pose in a bikini or a swimsuit and look as beautiful in your photos as you look in reality.

How to pose in a swimsuit

There are many reasons why a picture may not be worth a thousand words when it comes to showing how amazing you look in your swimsuit, lounging by the pool or just getting out of the sea. If you tend to get nervous in front of a camera and even more so wearing a daring bikini or exposing your skin in a classic swimsuit, here are some ideas to have fun posing and enjoying your sensuality.

Props nearby? Use Them

how to pose in a swimsuit

Many times, we don't know what to do with our hands when we pose. An excellent idea to relax the body and not let the stiffness interfere with a good photo, is to make use of the things that are close to you. 

You can grab a beach ball and put it close to your hips, or use a towel that matches your bathing suit for extra flair to the shot. Is there a ladder nearby? You can take advantage of it by playing with the angles to highlight the length of your legs if you are wearing a high leg swimsuit.

On your toes

on your toes bikini

Whether you are tall or short, standing on your toes is a good idea to slim your figure and tighten your leg muscles. In addition, trying to maintain balance also engages the muscles of the abdomen, giving more definition to the center of your body. To highlight the roundness of your curves and accentuate your body shape, you can put all your weight on one side, bend your hips, and arch your back.

Create an hourglass

swimsuit hourglass

Another way to take advantage of your silhouette in a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit is by framing your waist with your hands. If your body shape is naturally an hourglass, you can use your hands to exaggerate the breaks in your figure even more. If, on the other hand, you have a rectangular or inverted triangle figure, you can create the illusion of more pronounced curves by placing your hands strategically on the sides of your body, crossing your feet and throwing your back a little back.

One step forward and one step back

one foot forward one foot back bikini

Putting one foot forward, with pointed toes, will give your legs a longer shape and your hips more volume in relation to your upper body. Arch your back a little to make your abdomen look more toned, this will also create a better balance between your lower body and your shoulders.

Sitting? Not in front of the camera

sitting on your side swimsuit

Even professional models have trouble finding their best angles when posing seated, and let's not forget that all those photos need to be retouched before they are posted. One of the best tricks to take a sitting photo and show off your swimsuit is to create lines with your body. 

Instead of pointing your knees, elbows, and chest towards the camera, direct the vertices to the sides. As you sit down, you can point one knee to the side and direct the other upward, with your body 3/4. Some women are not comfortable showing their stomach area in this position, so you can place your leg in front of this area to hide it.

Now you are ready to portray a perfect day being yourself. If you want to wear a new bikini or find the ideal swimsuit to reflect your style, visit The Sea Collective online store. Our community brings together the best swimwear brands in one place.

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