Swimsuit colors for your skin tone

The sea carries with it a trail of colors that nourish its beauty. They are a symbol of life and diversity, and can also bring a special light to your femininity. Although you can choose what to wear, there will always be some bikini colors that will best match your skin tone. 

Radiant or icy beauty

The importance of recognizing which swimwear colors are best for your skin is that they can accentuate or dull your charm. If you've ever been told that you look a little pale or have been asked if you're sick or tired when you're feeling great, you may have been the victim of a poor choice of colors. 

To find out which ones are best suited to you, we recommend paying attention to three key aspects of your appearance: the hue of your hair, eyes and skin. Identifying your skin complexion may require a bit more attention than you might think. The important thing is to distinguish how your skin reacts in the sun. A tan indicates that your complexion is warm, while skin that reddens, burns, or has another response, is cold.

Warm Warmth

Skin tones can be graduated and light like ivory and even have freckles; medium, with a peach or beige hue; and golden or tan brown. The eyes tend to have a tendency towards green or yellow streaks. As for the hair, it can be an intense copper red, a golden blonde, or a light or dark brown with the influence of the other two colors. 

pele e sal swimsuit

To bring out the warmth of your complexion, it is best to choose scorching colours like the sun, such as coral, orange, gold, deep yellow, amber and peach. Going for energetic tints will transfer that energy to your own appearance and add vigor to your appeal. 

If you want to incorporate the opposite spectrum and use cooler shades like blues and grays, try to be those that have a certain inclination to warmth. A strong orchid or reddish violet color will elevate your look. If you want to enjoy a category of colors that is in trend, such as nudes, opt for a cappuccino or a cream.

voke swimwear



A cold complexion has bluish and greenish undertones. It can be a light complexion like porcelain, paler or even pinkish; medium, olive or neutral beige; and dark coffee. The eyes are predominantly greyish in hue, ice blue or very dark brown. Hair ranges from gray to black, as well as blonde with platinum streaks.   

cold complexion skin tone

The colors of swimsuits that will most harmonize with your presence are those that are reminiscent of the moon and winter. To honor the ocean, your entire suit can be a bright blue, ice-cool lavender, emerald, piercing purple, or even greyish pink. 

If you want to give the other side a taste, choose the cold version of the warm ones, such as ruby, a flushed red or pale yellows. The neutrals for you are based on the range of nudes with a tendency to gray.

pele e sal bini

Do you already know which are the ideal colors for your skin tone? Enjoy by combining a warm or cold rainbow to take advantage of the magic of colors and find your swimsuit palette at The Sea Collective

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