The best swimsuit fabrics and textiles, pick yours!

How important is the swimsuit or bikini fabric used in your buying decision? If you didn’t put much thought into it before, now is the time to do so. From fabrics that are ecofriendly, to fabrics that are unique in the swimwear world, The Sea Collective wants to show you what your swimwear pieces are made from.

Ecofriendly fabrics for Swimsuits

The most ecofriendly fabrics, are the ones using recycled fibers to manufacture beautiful swimsuits, as they help save the ocean we love to swim in. These are the most popular fabrics in this category, for their amazing performance and commitment to save the environment:


This swimsuit material uses an unexpected by-product of fishing. Who would have thought that fishing nets could be used to make resistant and elastic swimsuits for women and men?

The recycled nylon named Econyl, was created by Aquafil, who managed to serve the maritime fauna and flora while giving a sustainable outlook to many swimwear brands looking to cover bodies in a green soul


This is a brand that allowed plastic bottles to keep floating in the ocean, by converting them into an ecofriendly fabric that embraces your curves without smothering them. Unifi is the company behind Repreve, and has already given a second life to more than 16 billion plastic bottles.

Most Used

There is another variety of fabric used in swimwear, a bit less ecofriendly than the one’s before, but very common as it is so comfortable, adapts perfectly to your body whilst being very resistant. It’s ok if you don’t use the most ecofriendly fabrics all the time, as long as you don’t overbuy, the goal is not to be perfect, but to be in harmony with nature.

Combo nylon + spandex

This fabric combination is ideal to make swimwear in the United Kingdom and across the word, as it delivers on two of the best swimwear features, dries easily and fits perfectly. Its fibers are light, so you can swim with noticeable peace.

Original Swimsuits

More than colours and designs, textured fabrics add a craft twist to the garments creation.

These are some of the more uncommon fabrics that will give your swimwear pieces an unusually stunning look:


Nothing is softer than the touch of a beautiful piece made from velvet to enjoy a summery escape. What is captivating about women’s swimwear made from velvet is how they glow when exposed to sunlight. The velvet reflects the sun creating stunning tones of colour.


Are you looking for a swimsuit as unique as you are? The swimwear pieces made in crochet offer high customization. The stitching can be so different, as well as the colour of the strings. Recently Dua Lipa caused a sensation wearing a full body crochet swimsuit. Would you dare to wear one?

dua lipa the sea collective

Source: Instagram


Reaffirm your sexiness wearing a piece that takes a hint from lingerie. This fabric is not only for intimate pieces, there are beautiful swimwear pieces made from lace that highlight your body and reinforce your confidence.

Do you know what fabrics are your favourite? We’re all about eco-friendly materials as we believe beauty requires substance, and substance benefits the world. Not only can you buy eco-friendly swimwear in our website, you can join a community trying to change the world.

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