The perfect swimsuit for your body type exists

It’s a scenario that repeats itself: you love water, you love to sunbathe, you want to enjoy a summer day with your friends and peacefully swim in the sea, but… it’s hard to find a swimsuit or bikini that makes you feel in tune with your body. We get it, you can love your figure and still feel a bit exposed in a bikini, but it’s worth it! At The Sea Collective, we believe all bodies are beautiful, and there’s a swimsuit to adorn each body shape.

High Waist Bikini

A high waist retro bikini has that special charm of bringing back the classic sand silhouette shape, a symbol of feminine beauty that characterized so many actresses in the 60’s. It is the ideal swimwear piece for a rectangular or pear shaped body as it highlights the waist and accentuates the hips.

Particularly flattering to hide the belly, this is the swimsuit to wear if you are uncomfortable with that particular area of your body. A great fit is key to select a retro bikini as you don’t want it to exert pressure on your waist, but that it seamlessly shapes to your body.

oioba calma high waist

Beachwear for skinny women

Although thinness is considered a highly desirable attribute, some women feel a bit insecure as they may feel they lack the voluptuouness that is also appreciated and highlighted in the media.

If this is your case, the best swimwear piece for your body is one with ruffles, that creates the illusion of bigger volume to enhance the slenderness of your figure.

ruffles bikini gecko swimwear

Swimsuit for large bust

Having a generous bust is a deciding factor when deciding what type of swimwear to buy. If what you want is to feel comfortable and safe when going to the beach or pool, or simply look chic while sunbathing in your garden, a swimwear piece that offers great support is your best bet.

That support can come in many ways. If you don’t the cleavage that gravity gives to your body when you use a top, pick one with thicker and highly resistant straps that can hold your breasts in place. You can also use tops with rings to keep everything in place and give a beautiful rounded shape to your bust.

big bust bikini gecko swimwear

High leg

This is the type of swimsuit for your body if you wish to highlight your legs. Whether you are shorter or tall, a high leg swimsuit will show off your legs as it cuts higher into the waist, along with a lower back. It may feel a bit revealing, so we recommend you wrap yourself in love before wearing it and adventure yourself in it.

oioba swimsuit

Hey! There are no fixed rules. Women are not geometric figures, they are human beings with the possibility to select what is best for them. If you want to find a great variety of swimsuits to empower your body, visit The Sea Collective. We are so much more than a store to buy beautiful bikinis and swimsuits, we are a community in favour of feminine beauty, inside and outside.

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