Pele e Sal

Âmbar - Bottom

€13,50 €27

Âmbar bikini Bottom by Pele & Sal

Bikini Top sold separately

Pele & Sal embraces all your senses. It is light, sea-smell, waves lapping at the sand, salty lips, and a refreshed body. And because there’s always a sixth sense when it comes to women, a brand that will conjugate with your salty skin.

Size Guide

Bust - 80-85cm
Waist - 65-70cm
Hips - 85-90 cm

Bust - 85-90 cm
Waist - 70-75cm
Hips - 90-95cm 

Bust - 90-95cm
Waist - 75-80cm
Hips - 95-100cm



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